Ski & Snowboard Workshop

Race Tune $90-
For race performance, what’s included: Base grind, P-tex base, race structure stone grind, hand tune edges to custom angle with diamond file & iron hot-wax using fluorinated race wax.


Full Service with extensive P-tex repairs from $75-
For skis that have seen better days, what's included: Base grind, edge sharpen, p-tex all damage to bases, structure stone grind, de-tune & iron hot-wax.


Full Service with minor P-tex repairs $55-  
Make yours skis new again, what’s included: Base grind, edge sharpen, p-tex major gauges, structure stone grind, de-tune & iron hot wax.


Basic Service $35- 
Just a tickle up, what’s included: Base grind, edge sharpen & iron hot wax.


Iron Hot Wax $15- 
The good old fashion way: You can’t beat a Iron hot wax for longevity. 


Base Patch from $25-
For serious gauges: Cut out damaged material and epoxy resin back new patch. 


Edge Repair from $25-
For blown out edges: Straighten or cut and replace damaged edge patch will also be required. 


Delaminating Repair from $10-
For when things fall apart: We use epoxy resin to glue your skis up and make them water tight again. 


Binding Mount $50-
Binding mount or re-mount including plugging old holes, if we do not have jig in stock add extra $10-


Skis and snowboards are made from high tech materials and are constructed in advanced ways to give the ski or snowboard ultimate performance.  Even general ware and tear will damage bases and dull edges in turn reducing the performance.  Your equipment needs to be serviced by a fully qualified ski technician who can produce the same finish on your equipment as when it came out of the factory.  This will keep your skiing or riding in top form and stop you losing an edge or the loss of glide.


Specialist Workshop
We have specialised servicing equipment from Montana as well as fully trained ski /snowboard technicians who have many years experience in servicing skis and snowboards. Our Darfield Store is equipped with the latest machinery to service skis & snowboards.


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