Analysis System

Gnomes Alpine Sports is the only ski retailer in New Zealand to introduce a computerised foot pressure analysis system to aid customers with the comfort and performance needed for control and enjoyment on the mountains.

This high-end modern technology, which is used within the medical and podiatry industry, takes images of the underside of the foot by simply standing on a pressure mat.  These images are then analysed by the customer’s personal ski boot technician to identify what is impossible to see with the naked eye.

The analysed images show the ski boot technician the weight distribution and anatomical structure of the foot, identifying any support and movement issues as well as the biomechanical makeup of the foot and lower leg.  The technician will then manufacture a pair of custom footbeds that enhance the posture and weight distribution within the boot, improving the support, stability, comfort and performance and also enabling the technician to resolve any previous comfort issues.

We have a high level reputation of custom ski boot fitting within New Zealand and by introducing this computerised pressure analysis system we can expect to see an even greater impact on custom ski boot fitting, greatly improving feel and performance on the mountain.

We are stockists of all major ski boot brands and have a large selection of boots suitable for all foot shapes, sizes and abilities, including alpine and touring.  Every skier and snowboarder will benefit from this system, from your weekend warrior to your seasonal pro.