About Us

We are a team of passionate skiers. Our lives are entangled in a world of snow, mountains and ski paraphernalia.   Striving to offer a service second to none wouldn’t be possible without our crew of infatuated staff.  As enjoyable as the store can be it’s on the mountain skiing where we really come alive.

Technical knowledge is the key to our success.  We are full on gear geeks with the enthusiasm to constantly learn more.  What may seem like mundane facts and figures to others, we see as the core data that lets us present the correct advice.

Experience is something we earnt.  Established in 1983 and reinvigorated in 2006 with an injection of young and energic passion.  We have seen it all and been there while it’s happening.  We haven’t just popped up out of nowhere, we have been well cultured in the ski industry over time.

Bricks & Mortar, it’s our beating heart.  We are proud of our new modern store and offer a superior shopping experience for skiers.  Browse through our large ranges of ski equipment, clothing and accessories from the leading brands that we have handpicked.  Most important, speak to our friendly staff to seek the advice you need or just have a yarn about skiing.

Online shopping for all of New Zealand.  Unfortunately, we can’t have a physical store in every town but, for those that need a quality ski shop right in their location we can offer our online store.   Expect the process to be easy and hassle free, expect quality service and sound advice.  Just because you’re not standing in front of us doesn’t mean we don’t care.

We are not salespeople.  We aren’t here to sell you gear, we are here to advise you on what’s appropriate for your needs.  It is our main goal to help you become a better skier and maximise your skiing experience.  Short term fixes that may be wrong isn’t our game, we want to work with you over the years and see you progress.



Alistair Kerr - Director

Completely obsessed, is one way I could describe this addictive ski habit.   I am fascinated with skis, the materials they are manufactured with, the different shapes and profiles and how these combinations make the skis act and feel on snow.  Testing all aspects of ski gear and seeing how the latest technology is improving the sport is fun and impressive.  All this gives me a solid background of knowledge to help give sound advice.

"Important equation: X + 1 = number of skis you should own (X=number of skis you currently own)"






Leith Kerr - Director 

I am a full blown ski boot junkie.   52 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and a bunch of tendons make the foot an intricate part of anatomy.  I have been fascinated with the way feet perform inside a ski boot for decades and have learnt from leading podiatrists and biomechanics specialists.  The best part of my job is seeing clients in ski boots that offers the ultimate performance and absolute comfort.

“Flexibility is a crucial factor in comfort, office desks and sofas aren’t counted part of a yoga routine”


Leith Kerr | Boot fitting | 2017